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              NANTONG LUOLAI CHEMICAL FIBER CO.,LTD, is located in the NANTONG ECONOMICAL & TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPING ZONE.It occupies an area of about 20,000m2,And a building area of 15,000m2. Since it is only ten minutes’ riding from the NANTONG PORT,the company enjoys a convenient transportation.


              Thanks for an excellent work-term with strong power not only in research and development,but also in practical technology,the LUOLAI CO.,LTD can offer many kinds of fibers with reliable quality and perfect property.Our principle should be”TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CUSTOMERS,TO SERVE FOR THE CUSTOMERS,TO SATISFY THE CUSTOMERS”. According to this principle,we have attracted many professionals who are major in textile machinery from home and broad.They help to form strict regulations in mechanic manufacture technics,and to supervise the procedure all along.


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